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Come visit us!

We encourage families to visit their children and/or volunteer at Davis. But when you do visit the school, please follow certain courtesy and security rules.

  • Sign in / Sign out! AISD has upgraded the Raptor system to improve the safety and security of our students and teachers. This system will be used to check in all visitors to Davis (AND to check in any student who is tardy to school). When visiting Davis, you will need to bring an ID every time you visit. The ID will be scanned through Raptor and you will receive a visitor badge to wear. All of our current uploaded driver’s licenses/IDs did not roll over to this new system. We ask for your patience as we work to rescan driver’s licenses/IDs into the upgraded system. See the attached letter for more information about the Raptor system. All Visitors and Volunteers must come into the office to sign in. All visitors must be buzzed in. Please do not allow people to trail in behind you.
  • Let the teachers teach. Unless during his/her planning time, a teacher is always working. Unplanned visits to a classroom interrupt precious teaching time. A teacher walking a class in the hallways is still on duty, but a smile, wave, and/or quick greeting is always welcome.
  • There are no strangers at Davis. If you see an adult in the halls, greet them.  If the adult does not have a badge, remind them to sign in at the office. If you see someone suspicious without a badge, please tell the office staff. Fortunately Davis does not have an issue with security – let’s keep it that way by getting to know each other.
  • Eat lunch with your child!  Most students, especially the younger ones, don’t always remember what they did all day. Eating lunch with your child gives you time to talk while they can still remember their morning. If you would like to eat with your child, you have two options:
    1. You may sit with your child at one of the two “Guest Tables” located near the cafeteria doors.
    2. You may sit with your child outside at the picnic tables in the back of the school.

You may have only your child(ren) sit with you at either of these locations. No friends will be allowed to accompany you. Please do not eat at the tables in the lobby, as it is not easy to clean up food spills on the carpet and they are often used for small group instruction by our many volunteers. Please remember that students have only 30 minutes to eat and it is the parent’s responsibility to return the student back to class on time. Thank you for your cooperation as we all work together to keep our students safe and our school clean.

See you at Davis!