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Davis offers an exceptional Pre-K program for children 4 yrs. old as of September 1. Our programs include a free Pre-K that students must qualify for, and a tuition pay Pre-K option. For more information, call the school office at 414-2580 or stop by Davis for a visit.

The prekindergarten program is designed to meet the needs of a child’s early years, which are a period of rapid growth. It is during this period that key concepts are developed which directly correlate to a student’s future academic success. Prekindergarten is an exciting time for students and for parents. For many families, prekindergarten is the introduction into the public school system.

1. How old does my child need to be to enter Pre-K?
Davis offers an exceptional Pre-K program starting for children that are turning 4 by September 1.

2. What are the qualifications for the free Pre-k program?
Students must qualify by being either:
· Limited-English proficient (LEP); or
· Educationally disadvantaged; or
· Child of active military parent; or
· Homeless.

3. How and when do I register?
Registration for prekindergarten begins in April. Parents should enroll online and then visit Davis to complete enrollment. The following documents must be brought to registration:
· Child’s official birth certificate
· Child’s immunization record
· Proof of income (current check stub)
· Proof of address (electricity bill)
· Social Security Card
· Parent ID

4. When is drop off and when is pick up?
A. 8:30-2:57

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