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The Davis Science Lab is a bright, fun room with teal walls and colorful robots, plants, a fish tank, beakers, and lots of science supplies.  All students study science in their classroom with their teacher, and the Science Lab provides additional exploration and teaching support.  In particular, there are some experiments and activities that are too messy for the regular classroom, or require too much set-up or clean-up that are perfect for a Science Lab!  Davis’ amazing Science Coordinator, Mrs. Isaacs, collaborates with teachers to provide curriculum-enhancing experiences aligned with grade level standards. She strives to make science fun and accessible for all children.

Science Lab activities change from year to year, but here are some examples from years past:  Younger children have learned to measure, classify, and observe using colored crystals. They have studied states of matter by making Oobleck, a gooey slime substance.  They have learned about how oil spills affect a bird feather’s ability to float, warm, and fly. They have used pinwheels to investigate the physics of motion. They have also studied fossils, germs, magnets, rocks, and weather through hands-on activities and experiments.

In the older grades they have studied earth formations with big trays of dirt, clay, and sand, learning how wind and water erodes.  They have measured and compared the pH of different sources of water to determine the survivability of different types of water sources.  They have learned the physics behind the red color of fish living deep in the kelp forest. And they have studied sound, soil, pulleys, density, adaptations, craters, and performed plant dissections.

Mrs. Isaacs works to extend science enrichment experiences beyond the walls of the Science Lab as well. She coordinates a LEGO robotics program for students in grades 1-5 and offers augmented reality sandbox activities to all grade levels!