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The deadline to Pre-Order school supplies was June 30th.

Pre-ordered supplies will be delivered to the school over the summer and can be picked up at the Ice Cream Social.  If you would rather purchase supplies on your own, here’s the list by grade level: school-supply-list-2017-2018-final.

** There are some items noted on the list that can only be purchased from the PTA including 1st grade writing spirals and 4th and 5th grade student planners. These items will be for sale at the Ice Cream Social and the first few mornings of school in August.  Also, reams of paper will NOT be included in the boxes, but we have a paper allowance included in the online box cost that will be given to the school for purchasing paper during the year.  This saves the school space and money since the school gets a discount on paper AND can order the boxes of reams as needed.

Please Note: Headphones are now required for grades K-5, but returning students do not need to repurchase.

For more information, contact schoolsupplies@davisdolphins.org.