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Click above to see a video that demonstrates the car drop-off procedures.

There are 2 primary entrances at Davis. Only buses and pedestrians use the front entrance before and after school. The back entrance, or East Drive, is used by cars both before and after school.  See the Drop-off/Pick-up Map

Teachers of earlier grades will begin dismissing bus riders and child care students first, before 3:00pm. They will then walk the remaining ‘parent pick-up’ students out to the East drive and courtyard area for pick-up. Teachers of older grades will keep their students until 3:00pm so that the halls are less crowded when the younger students go to the bus or childcare.

During pick-up, if you choose park and walk to pick up your child, please go to the courtyard area on the east side of the building; Not on the sidewalk where the children will wait, and not in front of the classroom. (There is limited room in the hallways for the children & teachers to exit the building.)

Bus Pick-Up / Drop-Off at Front Entrance

  • Parents driving into the front parking lot MUST park in a non-reserved designated spot or in the church lot and WALK students into the building/NO DROP-OFF.
  • Parents wishing to drive by and drop off MUST use Bull Run/East Drive, NOT the front entrance.
  • At NO time should you pull behind parked cars to let student(s) out.
  • Do not drop off students near or on the sidewalk of Duval Road or at the Duval entrance.

Bus Riders

  • Bus information can be obtained from the school office or by using the AISD Bus Finder Utility.
  • Parents should review all bus rules with their students.
  • Students should be seated at all times.
  • Students are to use classroom voices at all times.
  • Eating is not allowed on the bus.
  • All heads, arms and legs are to be kept inside the windows.
  • Students should be cautious when entering or exiting.
  • Students should respect the bus driver, bus property and other students at all times.

East Drive (Bull Run) Entrance for Parent Pick-Up / Drop Off

  • This area is available for all students.
  • Yield to pedestrians and bike riders at the crosswalks.
  • Morning Drop-Off Procedures: The pick-up/drop-off zone is designated as the beginning of the Portable closest to the school building (by the fire hydrant) to just before the last crosswalk (by the Kindergarten Wing). All students should exit their cars to the right AT ONE TIME (even Kindergartners). Safety Patrol and teachers/parents will make sure your students get where they are supposed to.
  • Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures:
    • Blue Lane:  Parents of students in Kindergarten, first, and second grade, as well as students who are older siblings or carpool mates of students in these grade levels, should enter the east drive in the blue lane (on right) and proceed to the designated pick-up location (along the sidewalk adjacent to the school building).  It is recommended that parents travel West Cow Path to Bull Run and right turn onto east drive.
    • Gold Lane: Parents of students in third, fourth and fifth grade should enter the east drive in the gold lane (the center/bypass lane) and merge into the right lane at the curve, proceeding to the designated pick-up location (near the umbrellas). Reminder: Students in third, fourth and fifth grade who have a younger sibling or carpool mate in kindergarten, first or second grade should wait with the younger student on the blue lane side.
    • Teachers on Duty: Please be aware that for the safety of our children, all teachers are on duty during dismissal time, and are not able to hold conversations with parents who are picking up their children. After all students have been dismissed safely, parents are more than welcome to approach teachers with questions or to share information.


See the Parking at Davis Map for more details.

  • Staff:  All spots in the east parking lot as well as the spots labeled ‘STAFF’ in the front lot are designated as ‘staff only’ parking. No parent parking please.
  • Parents (2 options):
    1. Any spot in the front lot, not otherwise labeled, is available for parent/visitor parking.
    2. Parking is also available behind the fire station, and is accessed by entering the Austin Taiwanese Presbyterian Church parking lot. (If visiting Davis for an extended period during the day between drop-off/pick-up hours, we kindly request that parents refrain from parking in the space directly behind the station to allow the firefighters access to the basketball hoop. It is ok to park there during drop-off/pick-up hours.)
  • Please do not park at the retirement center or school across the street
  • No parent parking is available in the east lot, where students are dropped off and picked up.
  • During pick-up, if you choose to park and walk to pick up your child, please go to the courtyard area on the east side of the building, not on the sidewalk where the children will wait, and not in front of the classroom. (There is limited room in the hallways for the children and teachers to exit the building.)

Bike Rider Procedures

  • Front of School: A crossing guard is on duty at the corner of Duval and Angus Rd.  He will assist students and parents who are crossing these two streets. Students/Parents then will use the sidewalk to arrive at/depart from the school entrance. Parents who park must escort their child inside.
  • Back of School (East Drive):  Students/parents who walk or ride their bicycle to the back of Davis must enter/exit the east drive through the gate at Bull Run Rd and travel along the sidewalk inside the fence to the building. Cyclists must walk their bicycles once they arrive at the portables, where a bike rack is located.
  • Parents and students should map out a safe route.
  • Dismount and walk bicycles around pedestrians and on the sidewalks around the Davis campus.
  • Stop at intersections and dismount and walk through crosswalks.
  • Use extreme caution at Bull Run and Mustang Chase.
East Drive bike rack