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The library is a fun place for children to read and learn. Students at Davis have the privilege to visit the library every other week on an A Week B Week rotation. Their library visits are often enriched by visiting storytellers and authors and other fun activities.The students at Davis read an average of 42 library books in the course of a year, which shows the vibrancy of the facility.  Want to know what’s happening in the library?  Check the Will Davis Library Wiki for up to date library news.

The library:

  • houses over 17,708 books, CDs, and DVDs;
  • has the Capstone Interactive Book Shelf provided by Davis with login information available through our database bookmark*;
  • has MackinVIA, provided by AISD, with an initial allotment of 1500 books and student login information available through our database bookmark*, and ;
  • has the Pebble Go Research Database provided by Davis with login information available through our database bookmark*.* The database bookmark is given to all students. Extra copies are available through the Library or Computer Lab. Ms. Imken & Ms. Meyer recommend posting these bookmarks in a high visability spot at home, so students have access when needed. You can not login from home, to any databases without the credentials provided on the bookmark.

Parents are encouraged to visit the Library with their child before school (7:15-7:30) or after school when the Library isn’t being utilized for meetings (2:55-3:15).  Davis is a please and thank you campus. Our library rules include students being SHARP = Safe Honest Attentive Respectful Productive.

To contact the library or speak to our Davis Librarian, Lauren Meyer, please email her at lauren.hrazdil-meyer@austinisd.org.

Open Circulation Times

Open circulation will be available before and after school. A librarian will be in the library by 7:30 and will remain in the library for circulation until 3:30 unless otherwise noted. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate additional use and access.

We encourage parents to visit the Library with their student before the 7:30 bell or after the 2:55 bell. The Library is closed on Tuesday afternoon due to Faculty Meetings.

Library Wiki

Ms. Meyer maintains the Will Davis Library Wiki with current library news.   Want to know what’s happening in the library?  Check the wiki!

Classroom Weekly Schedule

On A weeks the following grade levels visit the library: PPCD, PK, K, 1st & 2nd grade.  On a B week these grades visit the library: 3rd, 4th & 5th.  Any changes are updated on the Will Davis Library Wiki.   Ms. Meyer updates this wiki daily and weekly, so it will reflect the current weekly schedule.  Weekly schedules are also posted to all Library doors.

Library Expectations

The library is a place to learn, explore, create, and have fun. Much like a classroom, certain rules must be followed to ensure and maximize the learning process.

  • Show mutual respect to others.
  • Be attentive listeners.
  • Take care of the materials you borrow.

Checkout Policy

  • Teachers may checkout books and other materials for up to one semester.
  • 2nd – 5th grade students may checkout two books for up to two weeks.
  • Kindergarten and First grade may checkout one book for up to two weeks.  First grade students may visit the Library to return and checkout new material (with their classroom teacher’s permission) from 7:30-8:15.

Home Access to the Davis Library Catalog

Access to the library catalog is available to students, parents, and teachers from home. Simply click on this link: http://catalog.austinisd.org/client/en_US/davis