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A great school like Davis needs a lot of good volunteers to run its many programs. This page has all of the contact information for PTA leaders at Davis Elementary.

President – Stephanie Carter, ptapresident@davisdolphins.org
Vice President of Enrichment – Karin Canipe, vp_enrichment@davisdolphins.org
Vice President of Communications – Susanna Anderson, vp_communications@davisdolphins.org
Vice President of Ways and Means – Maya Drinkall, vp_waysandmeans@davisdolphins.org
Treasurer – Ashley Malina, ptatreasurer@davisdolphins.org
Secretary – Heather Bishop, ptasecretary@davisdolphins.org
Parliamentarian – Elizabeth Buhro, ptaparliamentarian@davisdolphins.org

Austin Council of PTAs (ACPTA) – Jaelyn Penner, acpta@davisdolphins.org
Campus Advisory Council (CAC) – Milana Noueilaty, cac@davisdolphins.org
Teacher Respresentative – Morgan Thelen, ptateacher@davisdolphins.org

Extra-Curricular School Activities
Davis Players – Cheryl Starcher, davisplayers@davisdolphins.org
Math Pentathlon – Ruth Feinstein, mathpentath@davisdolphins.org
Safety Patrol – Jane Donart, safetypatrol@davisdolphins.org
Destination Imagination – Kathy Provenzano, di@davisdolphins.org

Committees and Sub-Committees
Advocacy – Chair – Claudia Ullrich, advocacy@davisdolphins.org
The Big To-Do – Chairs – Jaelyn Penner and Pamela Matthews, bigtodo@davisdolphins.org
The Big To-Do Silent Auction – Chair – Brandi Glasspoole, silentauction@davisdolphins.org
Blessings in a Backpack – Chair – Meghan Powers, Co-chair – Emily Dieringer, blessings@davisdolphins.org
Book Fair – Chairs – Jessica Dvorscak and Carolyn Lucas, bookfair@davisdolphins.org
Business Sponsors – Chairs – Mohini Patel, sponsors@davisdolphins.org
Campus Beautification – Chair – Sarah Shrader, grounds@davisdolphins.org
Classroom Literacy – Chair – OPENclasslibrary@davisdolphins.org
Communications – Chair – Sara Roberston, communications@davisdolphins.org
Corporate Community Contribs (Box Tops) – Chair – Emily Dieringer, ccc@davisdolphins.org
Dine with Davis – Chair – Wesley Lichtenstein, dinewithdavis@davisdolphins.org
DolphinFest – Co-Chairs – Hayley Drey and Angie Nabors, dolphinfest@davisdolphins.org
Fundraising – Chair – Katherine Dombrowski fundraising@davisdolphins.org
Hospitality – Chair – OPEN, Co-chair – OPENhospitality@davisdolphins.org
Legacy Volunteers – Chair – Huddie Murray, legacy@davisdolphins.org
Membership – Chair – OPEN, membership@davisdolphins.org
Office Support – Chair – OPEN, officesupport@davisdolphins.org
Outdoor Classroom – Chairs – Kathy Provenzano and Julie Hill, outdoorclassroom@davisdolphins.org
Outreach – Chair – Mihaela Baney,outreach@davisdolphins.org
PTA Provides Fundraiser – Chair – Emily Sparvero, Co-chair – Katherine Dombrowski, ptaprovides@davisdolphins.org
Reflections Art Program – Chair – OPEN, reflections@davisdolphins.org
Room Parent Coordinator – Chair – Karin Canipe, Co-chair – Pamela Matthews, roomparents@davisdolphins.org
School Supplies – Chair – OPEN, supplies@davisdolphins.org
Science Fair – Chair – Karin Canipe, Co-chairs – Sarah Ericsson, sciencefair@davisdolphins.org
Skate Nights – Chair – OPEN, skatenights@davisdolphins.org
Social Media – Chairs – Julie Hill and Stephanie Carter, ptasocialmedia@davisdolphins.org
Spring Fling – Chair – OPEN , Co-chair – OPENspringfling@davisdolphins.org
T-shirts – Chairs – Jenna Rosler and Maureen Delker, tshirts@davisdolphins.org
Teacher/Staff Appreciation – Co-Chairs – Pamela Matthews, Wesley Lichtenstein, Susanna Anderson, appreciation@davisdolphins.org
Volunteer Coordinator – Chair – OPEN, volunteer@davisdolphins.org
Watch D.O.G.S. – Chair – Bill Tiernan, Co-chair – Frank Strong, watchdogs@davisdolphins.org
Web and Digest Committee – Chair – Cheryl Starcher, webmaster@davisdolphins.org
Welcome to Davis Club – Co-Chairs – Heather Bishop and Alex Holdway, welcometodavis@davisdolphins.org
Yearbook – Co-Chairs – Brittany McCready and Mary Kay Tiernan, yearbook@davisdolphins.org